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We help communities connect to local merchants so the residents can shop the local products and services from the convenience of their mobile phones. 

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Why Popmart?

shop locally from your phone

Independent retailers often make their own unique products, or carry products from other independent creators. They often have more choice and variety than you might normally find in large big-box chains. When you're looking for something unique to gift to someone special, then shopping local is the best way to go.

Discover new local shops

Indoor gardening? Home brewing? Baking bread? A new game that just got released? There's so much to discover at your neighborhood shops.

Read reviews by your neighbors

On Popmart, you can read product reviews by the members from your community and other communities nearby. Often, the honest reviews by other residents that you know and trust are often way better than reviews by some distant stranger.

find what your neighbors are buying

Popmart recommends products and services based on your profile and that of your community, while completely protecting privacy.

Buy together and save together

Popmart's unique features on the app help residents of a community to pool their purchases (no need to talk to others) and thereby save big. It also helps merchants to offer better discounts to all of you as a community.

support your local merchants

It is now more important than ever to come together and support our local retailers and small businesses. They have been there for us when e-commerce giants could not help us in the hour of our need. Now, it's our turn to help them.

"The Covid-19 pandemic is giving local shops a new lease of life. As large retailers and e-commerce players failed during the lockdown, it is the neighborhood shops that came to the rescue of the people. Now, They need to move to offline-to-online (O2O) social commerce platforms to find new customers and grow their businesses."

Available for iPhone and android phones

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Popmart?

Popmart connects communities (apartment complexes, office complexes, small towns and rural villages) with local merchants. Our mission is to help local and regional businesses to reach communities easily and offer their products and services. We’re one of the first e-commerce platforms to connect communities with local businesses and nurture local entrepreneurship.

Who is responsible for product quality?

Each vendor is responsible for the products and services they feature on Popmart. We follow strict guidelines and standards before inviting a vendor to showcase on Popmart. But, ultimately the vendors will take all responsibility for quality, compliance and customer satisfaction. If as a customer you ever have an issue with anything you buy on Popmart, we will do our best to resolve the issue with the vendors.

Is registration required to shop?

No. You can browse the available shops for your community. You’ll need registration to add to cart and buy products. You’ll be prompted to register (or login if already registered) to place your orders.


Who handles delivery?

Vendors do. Delivery is the responsibility of each of our vendors. However, they can update the various delivery statuses on Popmart (order under processing, order packed, order on its way, order delivered etc.,) so that the customers can get up-to-date status on their orders.

What are order and delivery slots?

Each Vendor sets the ordering slots and corresponding delivery slots. This helps them consolidate all orders from a given community and save time and money on their deliveries. This also helps most of them offer free deliveries to most communities.
For example, a Vendor may take orders up to 7PM on every day and deliver the items by 9AM the next day. These will be clearly shown on the app to all users at the time of ordering.

What modes of payments does Popmart accept?

You can pay using Net banking, credit or debit cards, payment wallets such as Paytm, PayZapp, Freecharge as well as UPI payments including Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe and more.